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1 Aug 09 MAD Planning on moving this machine back from the colo in New Jersey to my closet. You may notice an "outage" of an hour or two sometime in the next few days.

21 Jun 07 MAD Happy summer from Ireland. As usual, some accounts expired today, and as usual, I extended them 30 days because I hadn't gotten around to sending any warning. Here they are: strefethen jennym jumal davidpark rob steve47 lamadia bdo4. If you want more than 30 days, you need to email me.

1 Oct 06 MAD I think I am done with the migration. Please tell me (mikey@singingtree) about anything left that doesn't work like it used to.

30 Sep 06 MAD Expected downtime tomorrow 1 Oct 6pm-12am PDT. After a couple of false starts I seem to have a working hosted machine and I will be moving you there. More information is in your email.

19 Sep 06 MAD Big news for us; I will be replacing this machine with a colocated box. The only effect you will notice is that you will no longer suffer an outage every time I move, or when my DSL goes down. There will be an outage of about an hour when I make the final switch, time to be announced.

The following 62 accounts have been expired for at least six months and probably several years. I am not going to bother to migrate them. That means that after the move, your account will be gone. If you don't want this to happen, just tell me. I have already emailed all of the people that would be affected, but here is the list for good measure:

abramhall aclower al andrewg ari baby beth bmiller bsantos chowder chummels dan daniel dave djunalin dubois eaaron efreborg greatone767 greg hubble ivan janaka jdodge jfesenmaier jkline jlo jrobson judge kaychun kgoyal kristyhyomi laurien lreddy mbeals mekka miriam mphair ms49 nanaki nemesis octav paul peter petruzzi pic pilly rcarns rhuston richard ro rsteshenko sarah sdavis shimona skend speedbump vlj voam wonderboy y47bears yira

20 Jun 06 MAD The following accounts will expire tomorrow: daniel atseng maverick steve meteor steve47 jimmy eaaron vlj jmaeshiro. If you are one of these people and don't want it to expire, you might want to tell me today, since I am leaving town tomorrow night.


the colophon

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